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I am always seeking ways to make my services as accessible as I can to others with each of our unique and diverse needs.  Please feel free to provide me with feedback on what I can do better, or reach out to discuss your accessibility requirements.

Sight and vision impairments

I am continually learning about how to adapt my website and communications to make them as accessible as possible.

Please rest assured I will try my best to adapt to your vision requirements, please contact me to discuss.

Guide dogs and other assistance dogs are welcome in the clinic.  There are certain areas of the clinic that your dog must avoid due to the need to maintain a clean field for acupuncture.  I will let you know where these areas are.

All patients are required to fill in health forms at their first appointment.  These are usually sent as Word documents or Google documents to your email address.  Sometimes I print these documents out and ask patients to fill out by hand at their first appointment.  Please do let me know if I can adapt my practices to make it possible for you to complete these forms.

Stairs and mobility

There are stairs leading to the clinic room.  Unfortunately there is no ground-floor access.  I am happy to pass your details onto other practitioners which offer ground-floor access.

There are small steps from the clinic room to the toilet.  I will highlight these to you.

Medical conditions and treatment

I am an advocate of body positivity.  Every body is safe on my table and I hold no judgement.  

If you are not sure which treatment is safe or appropriate for you, please feel free to ask.    

I have trained to use acupuncture, massage, bodywork and other Chinese Medicine treatments safely for patients who have many different medical conditions.  I have trained thoroughly in identifying medical conditions which might prevent safe treatment; and if this is the case with you I will discuss this with you. 

I used to work for The Disability Foundation in Stanmore, London, and provided body work and massage to patients with a variety of disabilities and medical conditions.  I say this, so that you know that you can trust that you are in experienced hands.

Hearing impairments and sign language

If you require any adaptations to assist with understanding or hearing me, please let me know.   Masks may need be worn during treatments as we are in close contact during treatments, however I will be happy to purchase for myself a see-through mask to assist with lip reading.

I have knowledge of basic British Sign Language to level 1.  If you give me a heads up beforehand that this will be useful for you to communicate in this way; I'll make sure to brush up my skills beforehand.  

Accessibility: FAQ
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